Spherical Bearings suppliers

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Spherical Bearings suppliers

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PFC-20 composite spherical bearings
Kintowe composite spherical bearings have been manufactured and supplied to a wide range of engineering markets worldwide for many years and can be produced for both inner and outer housings. Composite bearings are fitted within an application to allow constrained relative motion between two or more parts.

Our PFC-20 composite spherical bearing is made of synthetic fiber, reinforced polyester resin and other self-lubricating micro powers. It can be a direct replacement for conventional steel spherical bearings, they have virtually no electro-chemical corrosion in seawater or other aqueous solutions, which means that the composite bearings will not rust. This makes them ideal for marine and hydropower applications. Their superior elasticity over metal bearings means they can resist edge-loading and misalignment even under extreme heavy loads.
Typical Application:
Water Treatment Equipment
Hydro Power Equipment
Cylinder Eye Ends
Agricultural Equipment

(g/cm3)Compressive Strength(MPa)Friction Coefficient (dry)Temp(℃)
PFC-20Green1.2-1.43200.14﹣40 ~﹢130

Spherical Bearings suppliers
website:http://www.chinakintowe.com/composite-m ... -bearings/

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